Ur Silhouette

by Sima Kim



Now here’s an interesting one. I discovered Sima Kim via a random Soundcloud link on Twitter for a collaboration with Ryuei Kotoge, who I knew from his affiliation with the Day Tripper Records collective in Osaka. As it turns out Kim is a South-Korean musician with a classical training who taught himself tape music. Influenced by musique concrete, avant-garde and minimal composers, Kim has spent the past few years releasing modern classical, ambient and drone works.

On Ur Silhouette he takes a full 180° turn with a six-track of modern electronic music and hip hop. These are the kind of clean, bright and rolling “laptop” beats you’d expect to find from a 16-year-old kid on Soundcloud – albeit with a quality and sheen that’s rare to find amongst producers of his age. The EP features three vocal collaborations, with New York’s Jaasaam, Mexican rapper Josue Josue and lastly Gregory Hoepffner, that range from melancholic electronic ballads to dreamy raps.

Unusual in its genesis, Ur Silhouette is a rewarding listen and an interesting insight into what happens when musical world collides today – the sort of collision we’re only likely to hear more of as art and culture continues its hasty spread via the internet and recording technology. BY LAURENT FINTONI, FACT Magazine

BLWBCK048 | Release Date : Mar 1st, 2014
Tape {66 c.} C20 / Digital


released March 1, 2014



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Sima Kim The Hague, Netherlands

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